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Why do I want Down on the Farm Maine Wreaths to make my fresh, holiday decoratives? When you place your order with Down on the Farm Maine Wreaths, you don't receive an item that has been pre-made and stored on a shelf.  Our decoratives are made to order. When you call, your decorative is scheduled for crafting and shipping to match your delivery requests. We typically handcraft all holiday items within 24 hours of shipping. It's important to us that you and/or your gift recipients receive a fresh, quality decorative for the holidays.

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We wish you all a Merry Christmas and look forward to serving you next year.

Made fresh and shipped daily during the Christmas season.


Tear Drop Swag This is a great decorative to hang on your door or around entrances.  We handcraft  fresh balsam fir into a 22" long tear drop and enhance it with two decorative clusters consisting of three pinecones with holly berry centers.  A simple brick red bow flows down over the face of the swag.  Looking for a new look for your entrance this season,  the tear drop swag is a great choice.

Price:  $34.95   Add 1 to My Shopping Cart

Tear Drop Swag Two Pack -  BUY TWO & SAVE! Purchase two swags for your entrance or garage and save $11.95  shipping.  We'll carefully pack the set in a single box, to be shipped fresh to a single address, for yourself or any gift recipient.

Price:  $52.95   Add 1 to My Shopping Cart



Mixed Greens Teardrop Swag - We've taken fresh balsam fir, pine, and cedar and handcrafted it into a deluxe tear drop that is approximately 26" long. The mixture of greens is absolutely gorgeous. The greens are further enhanced with natural pinecone clusters with red holly berry centers and a beautiful handmade red velvet bow..
Price:  $37.95  Add 1 to My Shopping Cart

Swag from Golden Splendor SwagMake an exquisite holiday statement with this stunning deluxe swag! This gorgeous balsam fir, pine, and cedar decoration is tastefully adorned with gold and silver. We’ve topped it off with a brilliant handmade bow that sparkles and shines..    

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Click to see a larger photo. Also available in Blueberry.

Single Candle Centerpiece -   A beautiful 16” single-sided balsam fir wreath has been crafted around a 5” fragrant jar candle and adorned with clusters of berries and spruce cones.   The Single Candle Centerpiece makes a great value gift as you are giving two gifts in one; a beautiful fresh centerpiece for the holidays and a fragrant jar candle that can be used well past the holidays and into the new year.    
Color Choice:  Blue, Red,  or Burgundy

Price:  $43.95    Add 1 to My Shopping Cart



2 candle Maine Balsam Centerpice 

Traditional Two Candle Centerpiece  Looking for a festive attractive centerpiece for your holiday table?  Our Christmas centerpiece would be perfect!   Fresh balsam fir, pine and cedar are fully arranged and accented with 4 spruce cone clusters with berry centers and two taper candles.    This evergreen arrangement is crafted in an oblong floral base to allow watering for a long lasting arrangement.  The centerpiece measures approximately 20” X 12”. 

Color Choice:  Red, Burgundy, White or Blue

Price: $39.95    Add 1 to My Shopping Cart


Deluxe Three Candle Centerpice 






Dashing Through The Snow

Three Candle Deluxe Centerpiece  The Three Candle Deluxe Centerpiece is a gorgeous arrangement of mixed greens that have been further enhanced with clusters of three white tipped cones, coordinating color berries, and three matching taper candles; one 12” in the center with two 10” on each side. This centerpiece will bring a beautiful holiday look and scent to any room. This centerpiece measures approximately 26” x 14” and is crafted in a floral base to allow watering.

Color Choice:  Red, Burgundy, White or Blue

Price: $47.95   Add 1 to My Shopping Cart


Dashing Through The Snow -    If you love all things Christmas, then you will love our Dashing Through The Snow sleigh. The sleigh is a traditional Christmas symbol. You can place the sleigh on your door or as a centerpiece for your table. The wooden sleigh measures 20x6x6 and is adorned with a fresh mix of balsam fir and pine and topped with 3 white pinecones and a beautiful red and white snowflake bow. With the sleigh being a keepsake, this decorative is sure to become a part of your holiday tradition.

Click here for side view of this beautiful sleigh.

Price:  $42.95 
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made from fresh Maine Balsam


Kissing Ball -   The kissing ball is handcrafted from fresh balsam fir tree tips into a round ball shape and accented with decorative clusters of spruce cones with mini red holly berry centers, mini red velvet ribbon loops and a red velvet ribbon handle and streamer.  The kissing ball is a gorgeous decorative that will look very nice hanging in an archway, entrance, or  porch.  Size:  12”.    
Color Choice:  Red, or Burgundy

Price:  $49.95 
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Beautiful Arch of Maine Balsam Fir

Balsam Arch – This balsam fir arch would look very nice on a wall, over an entrance, even over the fireplace. Enjoy the fresh aroma of the balsam fir drifting through your home in this generously handcrafted arch that has been complimented with a 5 loop velvet bow, 4 pine cones, and 2 clusters of red berries. Size: approximately 42” x 10”.

Price:  $42.95   Add 1 to My Shopping Cart 


Our aromatic swag is a popular choice!

Dimensions:  10" X 28" approximately

(Will vary due to the individual craftsmanship.)



Bow-Tie Swag - This is one of my favorites for our home. The swag is handmade with branch tips from the balsam fir, cedar, and pine trees. We further accent the decorative with a hand-tied velvet bow, white tipped pinecones, and color coordinating apples or blueberries depending on your color choice. This trio of evergreens will have the fresh Maine woods aroma drifting through the air.  
Color Choice:  Blue or Red

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You'll love this over your fireplace oor on a shelf!

Mantle Swag –  Looking for a gorgeous decorative to compliment your fireplace this holiday season? We have handcrafted fresh balsam fir into a beautiful single-sided swag and decorated it with our own handmade 5 loop red velvet bow, 6 white tipped pine cones, and 4 clusters of red holly berries. Size: approximately 48” x 10”.

Price:  $47.95   Add 1 to My Shopping Cart     


Fresh Garland  -  This beautiful fresh-cut garland is perfect for decorating railings, door ways, lamp posts and more. It’s fragrance will bring the aroma of the holidays into your home, and at a full 18 feet in length, it’s extremely versatile inside or out.

Price:  $62.95  Add 1 to My Shopping Cart     


Click this image for a larger version of our Holiday Box of Greens!


Greens and Cones -  Put your own decorative ideas to work around your home or office this holiday season. Just think, you could fill a basket or your window boxes with fresh evergreens or decorate your mantle. You'll love the fresh aroma of the evergreens. It's like inviting Christmas into your home. Our box of greens consists of five pounds of balsam fir, cedar, and pine tree tips with ten assorted pinecones; including one 6" - 7" pine cone.

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Fireside Basket - This makes a perfect winter decoration for hearths, entrances, and dens.  We take Balsam fir, cedar, and pine and mix them all together in a handcrafted mini log basket made in Maine and accent it with red dogwood, berries and cones.  You’ll be the envy of all your neighbors with this attractive fragrance filled basket.  The basket has a built-in water container to allow watering and measures approximately 10” X 10” X 10”.

Price: $48.95 Add 1 to My Shopping Cart

Ribbon Classic Centerpiece - Need to dress up your holiday table this season? Our Ribbon Classic centerpiece would make a perfect focal point for your table. It is adorned with a cluster of cones and berries centered on top and accented with our classic plaid ribbon weaved throughout fresh balsam fir, pine and cedar.

Price: $33.95 
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